Your "Hometown Hospice"

The Lives We Impact

"Our experience in the treatment of our Dad was far beyond our expectations!! The compassion of the Hospice nurses and social workers was truly remarkable. Our pastor commented how spiritual the folks were. We felt very comfortable with all the things they guided us through."


Greg & Robin Garman

Family of Dane Garman

Staffed with local community members, we are truly "neighbors helping neighbors". We are proud of the quality and high level of care we provide. We never bill a patient or family for the care they receive.

Learning about hospice care now will help you make difficult decisions in times of need. Watch our short series of videos to help answer questions and provoke thoughts about end of life care.

July 20-25
Stop by our booth at the Fayette County Fair!

Understanding Hospice Care

We value your end of life wishes, goals and experiences. Our staff members work hard to make your goals and wishes become a reality.

"Not only did the team give my father relief, they gave us relief. Time was spent to figure out his condition and pain. The nursing home staff is not equipped to do that. When Hospice evaluated his level of pain, it was higher than the nursing staff believed it to be. It was such a relief to the family to know that finally he was getting relief from pain. We are in debt to Hospice for that. They were like angels, coming to the rescue. Hospice made us feel like we were no longer alone."


Lorie Stegall

Daughter-in-Law to Ray Stegall

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September 1
Grief Workshop

August 29
Annual Block Party at Street Side 62