Gwynne Gibson, Chairman
Carolyn DeWeese, Vice Chairman
Pam Melvin, Secretary
Shirley Pettit, Treasurer
Wilma Coulter
Jim Oughterson
Debbie Weade
Lisa Peterson

               Left to Right: Pam Melvin, Gwynne Gibson, Carolyn DeWeese                                              Left to Right: Jim Oughterson, Debbie Weade

Meet the Board of Directors

                                       Left to Right: Shirley Pettit, Wilma Coulter

News from the Board of Directors:

Expanding Our Heart Gwynne Gibson, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Expansion is on our minds. Many of you know that in the past few years, the growth of your “hometown hospice” has been phenomenal. We are pleased that our patient load has doubled, which has necessitated the need to add more talented and dedicated staff members. With this census explosion in mind, when the house next door to our office building appeared on a sheriff’s auction list last May, your Board of Directors determined that we would try to obtain the property. We were pleased to have the winning bid and we began to think of future expansion.

Your Board wants to emphasize that no monies for patient care have been (or ever will be) spent on this project. We are fortunate that a family gave us a monetary legacy after we cared for their loved one, and with part of this money, we obtained the property.

Since the acquisition of 228 N. Oakland Avenue, we have been busy with the plan to work this property into our long range goal. We needed to demolish the existing structure, to level the property and to petition the city to re-zone the property from residential to residential-office. If you have traveled Oakland Avenue recently, you have seen that the demolition and the leveling are completed. As to the rezoning, we believe we have been successful in showing the city that the expansion is a good thing and the desired zoning change will be enacted soon.

We call this new project “Expanding Our Heart”. With so much growth occurring with our patient care and staff numbers, our goal “down the road” is to build an addition to our existing building (much like what we did in 2007 with our “Building a Bigger Heart” project). For a while, though, you will see just a staff parking lot to the left side of the current building.  As you might expect, our campaign for “Expanding Our Heart” is coming in the future. We will keep you updated with our progress and we hope you will see the advantage to helping us with this new addition. We know that this “bricks and mortar” expansion of your “hometown hospice” will benefit patients and their caregivers for many years to come. Our hope is that you will want to be a part of making that happen.