In the middle 1970‟s, the concept of hospice was

introduced into the United States and ten years later it had

caught hold in the Midwest. At this same time, a grass roots

group of Fayette County residents began discussing their

vision for local, end-of-life palliative care and their desire

to develop a free-standing hospice to serve the area.

Christened “Hospice of Fayette County”, incorporated

in 1988 and with the foundation of “neighbor helping

neighbor”, the Board of Directors made the promise to

never bill patients or families. Everyone involved was a

tireless volunteer who worked out of the trunk of a car.

The group found that their first hurdles were to educate

the public about this new kind of end-of-life care and to

raise funds. With growing financial help from willing

supporters, the first employee (a social worker) was hired

in 1990 and Medicare certification was achieved. This

certification meant that other insurances that patients might have could now be billed. We were on our way.

Five different rented or donated offices would be called “home” before a caregiver gave a legacy with the stipulation that we were to buy a permanent building with the money. Several fund raisers later, “Home” was set up at 222 N. Oakland Avenue. With steady growth and recognition in the hospice world, we outgrew our “home” and in 2007 we asked supporters to help us “Build a Bigger Heart” with the expansion of our office space. With the steady growth of census and staff since then, we have purchased the lot next to our current home and now dream of building another addition, which we have named the “Expanding Our Heart” project. From our beginning as a grass roots movement, we have reached the pinnacle of being certified by Joint Commission, a prestigious national certification group. We are proud that we have grown steadily from having one patient in the „80s to recent days when we have served 50; from one paid employee to 34 full, part time and prn staffers. We have expanded from caring for people only in their homes to assisting them wherever their homes might be at this stage of their lives. In our almost 30 years of being your “hometown hospice”, we are pleased to have changed and grown in many ways. We want to assure you that the one part of our care that will never change is the promise to give you, our neighbors, the very best possible care you deserve.

Expansion is on our minds. The growth of your “hometown hospice” has been phenomenal. Our patient load has doubled, which has necessitated the need to add more talented and dedicated staff members and more office space. Recently a family gave us a Memorial legacy. With our census explosion in mind, when the property next door to our office building appeared on a Sheriff‟s Auction list, your Board of Directors deter-mined that we begin to think of future expansion. Our new project is entitled “Expanding Our Heart”. With so much growth occurring with our patient care and staff numbers, our ultimate goal is to build an addition to our existing building.
This expansion project will...
• Provide additional work space for clinical staff to care for our daily patient census, recently as high as 57
• Increase staff workspace for 30 employees instead of 20
• Provide space for patient records that must be kept and securely stored for seven years after the patient’s death or discharge
• Offer a quiet private room for meetings with patient families and other bereaved
• Allow for additional storage space for patient care supplies
• Add a work room
• Revamp surrounding lot for additional parking

We believe that this expansion of your “hometown hospice” will benefit patients and their caregivers for years to come.

Expanding Our Heart Fund