Become a Veteran Volunteer

We are in need of Veterans to volunteer to sit with other Veterans. We believe that the commaradary and companionship a fellow Veteran can share cannot be replaced. Please call 740-335-0149 for more information on how you can help.

Our Pinning Mission

At Hospice of Fayette County we are on a mission to pin each of our local Veterans. Please let us know if you know of a Veteran who is yet to receive one of our custom Hospice of Fayette County "Honored Veteran" pins. 740-335-0149

We Honor Veterans

- The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization partners with hospice's nationwide to assist in connecting hospice care providers with local, statewide, and national Veteran Organizations. ​

To learn more about the program and the benefits, click the link below.

Hospice Hosts Veterans’ Luncheon

At a veterans’ educational luncheon hosted by Hospice of Fayette County, Erin Rickman,

volunteer coordinator for the local Hospice, asked the over-riding question: “What does Hospice

of Fayette County have to do with veteran services?”

Hospice of Fayette County has, for a number of years, been networking with local veteran

organizations through activities such as being the liaison between local funeral homes and the

Ohio Patriot Guard Riders; providing blood pressure, oxygen/air readings, and, non-fasting blood

sugar results at the veterans’ booth during Fayette County Fair week; hosting an annual ice cream

social for veterans each June; offering community grief workshops that veterans and their families

may attend; and, by personally thanking and pinning each veteran a Hospice staff person meets.

According to Rickman, “The value of these activities is to help develop awareness of Hospice services. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization statistics tell us that 25 percent of all hospice patients are veterans. That means that, at the least, 25 percent of our local population is veterans. By bringing together local, state and federal veteran service representatives, we can offer a comprehensive view of available services to our veterans. “

The idea for the luncheon was to help veterans better understand what services are available to them on a county, state and federal level. On the county level, Amy Jackson, Fayette County’s Veteran Service Officer, spoke about the services her office is able to provide local veterans including V.A. claims assistance, medical benefits, educational benefits, burial benefits, and, grave marker or flag holder questions.

The local office can also help veterans with transportation issues and payment of utility bills, and also with rent and food. In the last few months there were seven homeless veterans in Fayette County. Due to the diligence of Jackson and Veterans Office Investigator Karla Morrison, six of those veterans are now housed within this county.

One does not need to be a veteran to ask for help. Veterans’ spouses, widows, and dependent children may also be served by the local office. According to Jackson, “Each year in the United States 680,000 veterans die. Many of them were not enrolled in the V.A. That Hospice nurses will be aware of what war time illness may be affecting the veteran, depending on what decade(s) the veteran may have served, is just one more way we can honor our veterans’ preferences.”

For more information about Veteran services, call the local Veteran Service office at 335-1610. For more information about Hospice of Fayette County and its many services call their office at 335-0149.