A Trip to the Zoo!

A patient's last wish was to take her family to the Columbus Zoo, so that they could spend the entire day together. With help from the Columbus Zoo and staff members, this family was able to spend the day laughing together and enjoying their time with their grandma.

Taking Flight

With the help from a caring pilot, a very excited, young patient was able to take his one and only plane ride. Both the pilot and patient went flying high above Rocky Fork Lake, the surrounding area, and even the patient's house!

Lunch for Two

A patient wanted to surprise his significant other with a "birthday lunch" especially for her! Hospice of Fayette County staff and volunteers created a beautiful table scape with salad, homemade lasagna, rolls and homemade lava cake for dessert.

Wishes & Dreams Program

During your care with Hospice of Fayette County, we talk and listen to you about your end of life wishes. At first thought, you and your family may only consider your wishes as legal or medical decisions that you've made. As our relationship grows and stories are shared, we often find out your true wishes and dreams.

At Hospice of Fayette County we focus on quality of life - not quantity. Therefore, we strive to fulfill your end of life wishes and dreams to the best of our ability, free of charge.

Check out what dreams have come true!